The Rotary Club of Welland invests in many international service projects that help to improve the quality of life for children, families and communities.
These are just a few of the recent International Service Projects the Welland Rotary Club is currently undertaking:
  1. Two projects investing in science equipment, kitchen equipment and technology at the Newton Science School in Candelaria, Philippines;
  2. Repair and renovation of a school for children with special educational requirements in Candelaria, Philippines;
  3. Educational Uplift Program for 23 elementary schools, 4 high schools and 1 special education school and 2 alternative learning schools; involved with about 50,000+ students.  This involved building a relationship with each school and working with the Department of Education to set up achievement criteria and to establish a teaching program for the teachers to enable them to work effectively with the equipment;
  4. Investment in developing a water well to supply water to three local villages, as well as training in the Philippines;
  5. Investment in Nicaragua in partnership with the local Rotary Club and the Providenco organization to supply 14 villages with a Nanny and a Billy Goat.
The Rotary Club of Welland is dedicated not only to supporting local initiatives but also in providing support and investment internationally.
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