Well, here we are 10 months after the Rotary Club of Welland’s ‘Official’ 100th Anniversary on April 12020. As you are aware, to ensure the health and safety of our guests, the Rotary Club of Welland rescheduled its 100thAnniversary Gala four times over the past months, with the last date being April 17, 2021
In Ontario, we still have pandemic restrictions, with ‘full’ inoculation not expected until September. The border is still closed, and we understand that people feel uncomfortable and unsafe in larger groups. 
After some soul searching, the Rotary Club of Welland has reluctantly decided that our 100th Anniversary Gala be cancelled. It is felt that holding a public event such as this, with pandemic restrictions and concerns, is not  in the best interest of Rotary, Rotarians, and friends.  This decision was not taken lightly. 
We are going to miss the opportunity of sharing our journey with you. It is our hope that sometime in the near future, we can gather and maybe celebrate our 102nd  or 103rd  Anniversary as a proud Rotary Club.


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Roman and Anna Groch and Family
Paul and Diane Leon
Tim and Karen Wright
Caroline and David Duffus
Rotary Club of Welland (in memory of Joe Eigner)
McDowell, Peter