Board of Directors July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019
President- David Alexander
Past President- Tim Proctor
President Elect- Don Thorpe
Secretary Don Thorpe
Treasurer Andrew Walker
Fundraising Frank Berndt
Youth Service Ralph Malcolm
Community Service Peter Inman
Vocational Service Lauren Gallaccio
International Service Douglas Johnson
Membership Paul Leon
Marketing Melissa Wells
District Liaison Tamara Coleman-Lawrie
SGT At Arms Fred Farnham
Rotary Foundation Umit Eruysal and Ray Tisi
​Rotary Medallion Deb Zahra and Vic Kerschl
RYLA Vacant and Fred Farnham
Earlyact Vacant
Rotaract Fred Farnham
Youth Exchange Ralph Malcolm
Adventures In Citizenship David Alexander
TV Auction Don Thorpe

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